Very Satisfied with puppies

We are very happy with the temperament of our puppy. They came very friendly and playful I believe because of the personal care they received at their kennel. They are very good companions and I highly recommend getting a puppy from them.

My best friend

My little nugget flew into my life on Delta 8.5 years ago & life has been complete since! She has been such a loving, curious and sweet dog to have. Thank you Theresa & Grover for the love you show your puppies, it truly shows by the time they make it into their furever homes!

We got Butters (Frederick )

We got Butters (Frederick ) back in Aug 2021. 6/22/22 was Butters first birthday. He is our baby boy along side his German shepherd big brother. We will never forget about Ma’s Little Paw- when we are ready for our second shiba; we will be coming back!

Our furry boy!

I drove from Little Rock to Rudy to pick up my little man on April, 2022. He was so nervous for the first two days he got home. But bounced back and has been active ever since. I believe he house broke himself because he would always let me know when he needs to go outside. Roach is such an amazing shiba, thank you for allowing him to become a part of our family.

He completes our family!

I got Bao (Neil) from you guys in October, 2021. We love this little boy. He has such unique personalities. He’s healthy and curious. He’s doing extremely well in training. Bao is very smart, sweet, and adorable. He is an amazing addition to our family. Thank you guys so much!

We love our adventure pup!

Getting our little Romee from Ma’s Paws was the best decision we could have made! We got her in April of 2020 just as covid was starting, and she has brought us so much joy. When we went to look at all the puppies available, Romee came running up to us and jumped into our arms. We knew right away she was going to be so friendly! She has the best temperament and is very social, she gets lots of attention everywhere she goes! We can’t imagine life without her now!

My Best Friend

I adopted Maya in March 2017 when she was a few months old. It’s almost been four years since then, and I’ve loved every minute of it! She’s incredibly sweet, loyal, and goofy.

I’m looking forward to many more years with my sweet Maya. If I ever decide to add another Shiba to the family, I’ll definitely be coming back!

“The sweet Shiba”

We came and picked up Ammy in October 2014. We are so in love with her. Could not ask for a sweeter shiba. Ammy has amazing temperament and very cuddly which is unusual for the breed. Whenever we go to our vet clinic they always say oh yeah y’all have “the sweet Shiba. “ I also want to let you know that our house had an electrical fire in the walls and Ammy came and got my husband and showed him where the fire was so my husband could stop it.

11 Years Later!

Sorry we’ve never written a testimonial! Better late than never I suppose! Our Sumo will be 11 years old this October. We added him to our family in December 2009. He still acts like a puppy and has the most unique personality. Loves to fetch and go on car rides. He’s been healthy and lively since we’ve had him. We are so grateful to have him in our lives as he cheers us up everyday! Thank you!

The perfect little guy!

On a whim, we decided to contact Mas Little Paws. Within the same day we made a visit and met this little guy. The owners are extremely kind and knowledgeable about the breed. They also handle them with care and they are well socialized with other animals. We knew we just couldn’t leave without the little guy. Let me tell you one thing- that was the best decision ever! He is extremely smart, and loves our children. He also does extremely well with other animals. He is the best addition to our family. Thank you!

My furry son

I bought him back in feb before corona virus was here in the usa. I found the couple to be friendly, kind, and trusted by their dogs. The son i brought home that day has been a beloved member of the family. He is a perfectly healthy shiba inu with no defects and the signature shiba sass. I love him and reccomend this breeder to anyone wanting a healthy happy shiba.

My world

Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been in contact, we’ve lost track of time!
4 years has flown by

We’ve gone on more adventures then most, seen most of our state and the states around us.
The veterinarian tells us everytime we go in how he’s one of the most beautiful dogs she’s ever seen.

I can’t thank ya’ll enough for the gift of a perfect companion.

Follow our adventures by checking out #hojithedogey

Little Man

Myles turned 4 in March of this year, and it’s been the best 4 years of my life. He is so funny, and has such a great personality! He always looks like he’s smiling, and he always puts a smile on my face. I love my little man so much, and I am so grateful to be his owner. My life is so much better because he’s in it!

Amazing breeders who gave me the gift of an amazing shiba

I purchased piper in 2010, he’ll be 9 this year. He is more than a companion, he’s my spirit animal. I’m thankful I made the decision to purchase the little guy. Thank you!

Best pups ever!

Our girls will be 2 in April and they are so much fun and both have goofy personalities. I know I’ve posted before but we are so grateful for such amazing pups!!

Perfect princess!

Eve was a Christmas present for me from my husband and sons. I was hesitant as I typically extensive research dogs before making a decision of a breeder or adoption. Eve has been the perfect, healthy addition to our family including our 11 year old male shiba, Jerseykitsune. Eve is a protective mother with lots of kisses and snuggles to share with her family and follows my sons around like she is one of them. She is a hunter bringing in two alive baby possums, a squirShe was easily potty trained and is in good health.

Loving our sweet Moxie!!!

We’ve had Moxie now since Thanksgiving and she couldn’t be a better addition to our family! She potty trained herself, has already learned how to sit and shake, and is constantly playing (when she’s not digging or napping of course)! She also a such a snuggler and kisser and we look forward to many years of adventures with her!!

Love my shiba

Cedar is a playful but clingy puppy. He is so fun to be around, he came healthy and I love his personality.

Couldn’t love him more!

It has been exactly a year since we picked Kuma up, and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is such a sweet and loving puppy. He loves to play, go on walks, and go on car rides to grandma and grandpa’s. He is also very friendly, he gets along well with other dogs and children, and I don’t think we could ask for anything more. Thank you so much!

– Alexandra and Nathan from Tucson, AZ

Our New Shiba Lifestyle

Our Shiba pup Bailey has been part of our lives for almost two months now and we honestly can’t imagine life without him anymore. Bailey is a sweet and clever pup who enjoys going on long walks and being outdoors rain or shine. He is athletic and loves to be moving, he is always finding something outdoors to play with that makes us laugh. He also likes going on car rides, we take him with us to tennis tournaments where he watches the proceedings without a fuss and enjoys being around children. Everyone comments on his beauty but we like his sweet personality, he rarely barks and is never aggressive. He is shy around new people but that is getting better all the time. Big thanks to Grover & Teresa for their help when we first got Bailey, we highly recommend them as breeders and wonderful people. They truly care about their dogs and it really shows. Thanks again for the wonderful new member of our family! 🙂

Amazing pup

Hi! I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for giving me hachi. He has brought so much joy to my family and has developed quite the personality. He’s very calm and also very athletic. That Sheba scream though does always make the neighbors come running! Haha. We love him so much and just wanted to say thank you again.

Two’s Company

Teresa and Grover,
I wanted to thank y’all again for our awesome pups. I’m so glad we brought two into our family because they wear each other out. They are 9 months now and were both spayed in November. There favorite past times are going for long walks, digging holes everywhere in the yard, destroying their toys moments after getting them and investigating every new smell and we wouldn’t trade them for anything! The are awesome dogs and fit beautifully into our family. Thank you again!!

Hi Theresa and Grover!

Both Scott and I want to thank you and Grover so much for Kuma (Mike). He is such a playful and sweet boy. He brings so much joy into our family. Both you and Grover are such wonderful people and I am really happy that we found you guys. You guys care deeply about your dogs and it shows through Kuma. He is well socialized and loves his cuddles. Thank you for being so helpful and making the process easy for us!



Darek and I wanted to update on Dancer, now Minerva! We adopted her from you guys on March 31st, 2016.

We just wanted to say thank you both for giving us such an amazing dog. We love her to pieces and she brings so much joy in our lives. She is sassy, and stubborn but oh boy do we love her. She is almost two years old and roughly 25 pounds. She knows knows all of her basic commands and will even give you a high five! She gets along well with her feline siblings and greets every new person with “air plane ears” and a shiba smile.


Great Breaders!

Theresa and Grover,

This is Kelly and Shelley from Mi. and we bought Loki aka:Doug from you a few months back he is a beautiful specimen of a Shiba. You both should be proud of your breads. His temperament is so kind and his build is strong and solid. I am so happy I came across you and Grover. I love this bread so much. I know they are not for everyone, but they are good therapy for me. I feel so content when I come home to them. I just love these dogs. And to anyone out there reading this and trying to decide on a good breader “Look no further!”


Hi Theresa!

I wanted to let you know that Yu (Delbert) is doing great! Also my mother’s little Shin (Donny) is doing amazing too. We wanted to let you know, they are the cutest brother duo. The names Shin and Yu put together in Japanese means Best-Friend so it’s honestly perfect. They are growing up perfectly together. They both have two very different personalities, but I love my Yu and Shin very much!

Thank you for breeding such amazing Shibas!

Very Happy

From the time we picked up Kobe Natalie she has been amazing!!! Potty training was a breeze. She lets you know when she goes out. Her big brother Aang our other Shiba finally likes her. He wasn’t to thrilled with someone coming in talking attention from him. We were stalking mas little paws for a while to get a great puppy and we did. Thank you Ms. Theresa and Mr. Grover you guys rock!!!

King of the jungle!

I hope all is well as it is for us. Mufasa quickly got along with our other puppy. He keeps growing and growing. They chase each other and love to bite their toys. He is becoming an adult puppy now and weighs about 25lbs. He loves to eat! He loves to watch us and nibbles on us when he wants to know we are okay. Thank you for helping us complete our little family. ❤

Baby girl

We could not have asks for a better dog. Too many good qualities too mention. Keep up the good work on raising good quality dogs.

We’ve been meaning to drop

We’ve been meaning to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful Yoshiro (Yoshi) is doing. The drive home was long and included a stop by my parent’s house but he did wonderful. Once we were home, he and the cat only took a couple of days to become friends. He also took right to his kennel and our daily routine.

He loves playing in the backyard with our neighbors’ dogs and he absolutely loves going to the dog park. He sleeps in the bed with us every night and has claimed a spot on the couch. He is very affectionate, loves to cuddle and always wants to be around us.

He was 16lbs at four months but he had a growth spurt in the past week. He is still skittish around new people and loud noises, but he is slowly getting over that. He has learned to sit and we’re working on other basic commands until our training class starts.

Also, we were very please to meet both of you and tour your facilities. All of your dogs were so friendly and loving. As this was our first time with a pure breed dog we had some reservations, but you were both very kind and welcoming. We wish you, your family and all of your animals the best.

– Derek and Will

Great Fog

Kuma has been such a great addition to the family. He is Very smart, loving, and loves to play with the big dogs. He came to us from great breeders and the process with you with very nice and easy going.

Perfect Playmates t

Just wanted to let you know how great Yoshi and Winston are doing they are running all over the house playing and having lots of fun. They like bitting each other. I just love to watch them roll all over the floor and jumping on the furniture they eat right beside each other and don’t fight at all. I just can’t believe difference in the size of the two of them when they are only a couple days different in their birth date . I just want to thank you so much for giving me so much joy with these pups . I will keep sending you pictures of them as they grow . Love and Kisses Cheryl

Shady baby

My husband bought shady in January in 2012. He is now 5 years old… He is about 30lbs now.. He is a lazy dog loves to sleep…. He is our best friend…. He does bark alot tho… Most of the black on him is not there anymore. His tail still has black on his tail and a deep curl…
He walks good on a lesh and loves the snow and sun bathing in the summer.

Thank you for the best dog ever…

Thank You

Theresa and Grover

I want to thank you so much for the most beautiful puppy and all your kindness. Yoshi is such a joy, and a smart girl. She is potty trained, it took her a little time to get use to a leash. But I live on 5 acres and I have horses and I do not want her to run loose. I have her going to the Pets Mart puppy training course. And the first day when really well, we go again on Sunday. I am lucky there is only one other person with their puppy in the class so it is like having my own personal trainer. So I highly recommend your potential buyers taking their puppy to this class and Sunday is the best day. We love her so much, and my grandchildren want to stay at grandmas and play with the puppy. I will call you and keep in touch. Thank you again for the love you have added to my family. Cheryl


Hi Theresa!


I just wanted to send some photos your way of little Saki (Toby) who is almost 5 months now! He’s gotten to be such a handsome young man, and everywhere he goes, he recieves so much love from everyone! He loves going to the dog park and wrestling with all the big dogs, and loves going to the pet store, because he knows there are strangers there willing to let him lick their face. He is a pretty quiet fellow, he doesn’t bark much at all, and loves to run wild in the house. As soon as he is let out of his kennel in the morning, ZOOM! He takes off to run circles in the house and run down the hall. It’s so funny! We took him to the vet to recieve his last Distemper and his first Rabies, and he was so good! He’s also 10 lbs now! Both of my other dogs are full grown and they only weigh 12 lbs! Saki will be the big dog on campus it looks like!


Hope all is well, and I will send updates on Mr. Saki as he grows! Thanks again for supplying us with such a wonderful little dog!


Melonie and Jon Carroll


Dear Theresa,


I hope you are doing good , I just wanted to share with you some pictures of Mimi, I am so happy with her, she is the perfect puppy, she got calmer now, she adapts well to France, I think we can say that she is the first french/ english speaking Shiba, Everybody is amazed by her foxy look, and how cuddly she is for a Shiba, When I brough her to France she had been awesome on the plane, and got potty train in less than a month, and before her 5 months I got her spayed which has improved her capability to calm down !!!


As far as her little tail goes, she got curly after a few months, and she is the most beautiful shiba puppy!!!


Thanks so much for your support and help, I hope you will enjoy the pictures of my baby,

Have a nice evening, Vanessa and Mimi !!!


I thought I would give you a little bit of an update on Tiki…She turned 9 months on Sat. Kennel Cough went away for good at 6 months… it was a recurring problem until then -She loves her fav private place – under the  bed..We took her off puppy food at 7 months – and her system has been great,with Science Diet Lamb and Rice ( small bits)She weighs 18.5 pounds. She was spayed at 7 monthsShe tears the heck out of all her toys  quickly, loves to dig!!! – likes to pull at human hands with her teeth – BUT never breaks the skin…or tries to bite – just playing.. ( still working on this). Can fetch , sit , semi stay… jumps and leaps like a cat – wow what a leaper… yet her balance is amazing…Everyone who sees her is amazed at her markings – and her breed – people are so unfamiliar with her type. She travels great – rides great – is very skittish around strangers – but more relaxed once she checks them out.


Heard her bark ( yip actually) only about a dozen times in her 9 months…Playing with her toys by my office chair right now…Housebroken very easily – 4 mistakes in the first 4 months – none thereafter.. lives with a cat – they play and go their own way. She is a very affectionate dog – very loving – loves to play – rest and cuddle – could not ask for a better canine family member -] All in all – one of the best pet choices I have ever made – she is beautiful and a forever part of this family….whew I am done!!! I sent a few pix….. bob and kat